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October - December 1997

David Alfaro Siqueiros. Down but not defeated, 1939 34 Centennial: Siqueiros
Ellen Fernández Sacco

Review of the travelling exhibit Portrait of a Decade, 1930- 1940 that marks 100 years since the artist´s birth. The exhibit, which contains six thematic groups, also includes works created during Siqueiros´ incarceration in Mexico. In addition to the exhibit, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art´s parallel symposium created space for a new critical analysis of the artist´s production.
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  50 Book Review
Juan Fernando Herrán. Anubis, 1997 54 Juan Fernando Herrán
Ivonne Pini

The text describes the formal and conceptual development of the artist and his interest in the ideologies of power. The themes of space, memory, man and nature, and the relationship between history and the contemporary world are explored in addition to the multiple interpretations that the works elicit. The artist´s projects in London, Bogota and for the Istanbul Biennial are also specified.
Eduardo Medici. Autopsy, 1992 58 Eduardo Medici
Nelly Perazzo

This Argentinean artist turned to photography and its formal devices to shape and further explore his metaphors concerning life. The combination of text, image, and religious iconography are expressed in his work in terms of the body. In retrospective, Medici´s exhibit »Between Me and Me« at the Der Brucke Gallery in 1996 is also reviewed.
Leonora Carrigton. Samain, 1951 62 Leonora Carrington
Salomón Grinberg

The author recounts Carrington´s encounter with surrealism and analyzes the development of her personal iconography. Moving to Mexico at age twenty five, the artist´s work combines her Celtic ancestry with the representation of her Mexican environment. The various themes of her work are explored in addition to her formal evolution and contemporary sculptural work.
Carlos Estévez. Where the Demiurg Dreams, 1997

Tania Bruguera: The Burden of Guilt
  Sixth Havana Biennial
70 Havana Biennial
Rachel Weiss

Weiss contextualizes the past and present Biennials within the socioeconomic and historical circumstance of Cuba. Although partly departing from its original ideals, the Biennial continues to create a forum for artistic practice outside of the centers of power. The text analyzes the theme »Individual and Memory«, various works included in the Biennial, and the parallel exhibits found throughout the city.
77 Performances - Sixth Havana Biennial
Alejandra Pozo

Alejandra Pozo offers additional commentary about the various performance works at the Biennial and its parallel events. Artists include Manuel Mendive, Carlos Garaicoa, Tania Bruguera, Coco Fusco and Flavio Pons, among others.
Lygia Clark. O eu e o Tu: Clothes-body-clothes, 1967 82 documenta X
Mónica Amor

Documenta X as a "cultural event" is discussed in terms of its publications and extensive lecture program. The author analyzes both the evident commitment to politics and to photographic practice at the exhibit. In addition, the scant presence of non Euro-American artists in criticized, but the event is commended for its interdisciplinary achievement.
Maurizio Cattelan. Love Saves Life 86 Münster ´97
Octavio Zaya

Zaya discusses the trajectory of the sculpture project in Münster and its intervention into urban space. The project is criticized for not questioning the definitions of »public space« and »public art« in the contemporary world. Various works are mentioned, but few were regarded as articulating the socio-political concern for social space.
Rebecca Horn. Sigh Concert for a Broken Landscape,1996 88 Venice Biennial
Luis Camnitzer

Critique of the Venice Biennial and its theme »Future, Present, Past.« In addition to the poor representation of Latin American Art, the lack of coherence and arbitrary quality of the biennial was discussed. Camnitzer describes the various pavilions and singles out the Austrian exhibit in particular for challenging the Biennial as an institution and simultaneously asserting historical recognition.
  93 Italians, Flemish, and Dutch in Venice
Luis Camnitzer

Parallel exhibitions to the Venice Biennial are reviewed. »Minimalia« curated by the Archille Bonito Oliva brought together many quality works by Italian artists. The Flemish and Dutch exhibit at Palazzo Grassi was an additional worth-seeing show. The author discusses both exhibits and emphasizes their important presence for continuing the polemic of local histories in the face of an international art event.
Alejandro Obregón. Bullcondor, 1959 98 Auctions
Mirta Kosolschky

Recent auctions at Christie´s and Sotheby´s are testimony to the expanding market for Latin American art. Both auctions report new sale records for both master and contemporary artists
Jaume Plensa. Cloudy Box: River, 1994 100 FIA´97
Victor Guédez

Various viewpoints for the evaluation of an art fair are described in relationship to the recent art fair in Caracas. In addition to reviewing the economic success of the event, the article offers critical summaries of the individual and group shows at the participating galleries.
  104 Spotlight: José Bedia
Cecilia Fajardo-Hill

The artist´s retrospective »American Chronicles« in Monterrey reveals his continual interest in the continuity of the past in the present. The Amerindian and Afro-Cuban elements in his work simultaneously convey his personal belief system. The author explores Bedia´s formal experimentation, but emphasizes that the artist´s work challenges and invests »Western« art with a different cultural value system.
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