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January - March 1998

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Usina do Gasômetro 42 Letter from Porto Alegre
Luis Camnitzer

The first Mercosur Biennial: Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay and Uruguay, with Bolivia, Chile and Venezuela as special guests. Analysis of the political and economic context that initiated this ambituos project. The concept, difficulties, achievements.
Tunga: Lizard III, 1990 (detail) 48 Tunga
Reinaldo Laddaga

Review of Tunga´s comprehensive exhibit at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College in New York. Curated by Carlos Basualdo it showed sculptures, installations and performances from the last 20 years.
R. Matta: Psychological Morphology, 1938 56 Roberto Matta
Celia S. de Birbragher

Conversation with Matta during the exhibition at the Boca Raton Museum in Florida. The dialogue allows us to approach the complex universe of the artist, his magic, his irreverence and the pleasure he takes in painting.
Moisés Barrios: From Mestizo and Mestiza, 1992 60 Imaginaria
Rosina Cazalli

The Imaginaria Gallery was an initiative of the artists Luis González Palma and Moisés Barrios. Despite its short life (1987-91), it was a decisive factor in the development of a group of young artists associated with it.
J.A. Restrepo: The Awaking of french explorer Dr. Saffray (1864) 64José Alejandro Restrepo
Natalia Gutiérrez

Monographic text. Restrepo (Bogota, 1959) works with the audiovisual space of video. His installations are not only the crossing of references but a small universe in which myths are pulverized and reinterpreted.
J. García Cordero: Discrete Charme of the Bougeoisie II, 1994-97 68 José García Cordero
Shifra Goldman

Historical and political context which informed the artist´s youth, who was born in 1951. Reference to his bifurcated existence between the Dominican and the Parisian realities, his various European influences, the nationalistic elements in his paintings, and the use of myth and allegory.
Andries Botha: Home, 1997 74 The Second Johannesburg Biennial
Rachel Weiss

This second edition raised a number of dilemmas: the event biennial as coronation for emerging global cities, culturalized urban renewal as high-end business and civic strategy, contemporary art as alien in its own land, and as incomplete metaphor for enormous social and historical processes.
Espaço Ulbra 80 First Mercosur Biennial
Alicia Haber

Art history and contemporary forms of expression comingled in this Biennial. It offered a fine opportunity to review in relative depth and with numerous examples, several important movements and themes and a number of outstanding figures in Twentieth-Century Latin American art.
Lima Biennial 84 First Lima Biennial
Virginia Pérez Ratton

»New Concepts of Art in Ibero-America« was the title which characterized the first Biennial of Lima. The event created an important dynamism at a local level and generated great expectations, drawing the attention of the Latin American artistic world to something which was not previously visible.
Betsabeé Romero: Ayate Car, 1997 88 INSITE ´97
Magalí Arriola

The curatorial proposal of "InSite97" was to construct places of encounter within the transnational context of the Tijuana and San Diego border. The most interesting works were those of the artists who worked in the public space.
María Izquierdo: Dream and Premotion, 1947 90 María Izquierdo
Francine Birbragher

Review of the retrospective of this great representative of modern Mexican art known for her poetic and autobiographical style. The show, curated by Elizabeth Ferrer, could be seen at the Americas Society from May to July, 1997.
Santiago Rodríguez Olazabal: I shall display the sails, 1997 92 Islands
Alejandra Pozo

The exhibit at the Centro de Arte Moderno (CAAM) on Grand Canary seeks to uncover, through history, past and present, the presence of an »insular sensibility« in the creative human nature of these overseas territories.
95 Expoarte´97
Ana Isabel Perez

Ambra Polidori

The art fair in Guadalajara and its commitment to complement its market-oriented objectives with an academic and educational program.
This year´s International Forum of Theory on Contemporary Art, under the direction of Guillermo Santamarina and Marjorie Jacobson focused on »Collecting in the New Millenium: Challenges after Post-Modernism.«

F. Prats: Confessional Chapel, 1997 100 Spotlight: Fernando Prats
María Elvira Iriarte

Review of this Chilean artist's exhibition at the Church of Divine Providence, Santiago de Chile. Prats is one of the few artists who is dedicated, almost exclusively, to explore the subject of the sacred in his work, seeking to renew aspects of Christian iconography with contemporary languages.
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