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Art History Resources: China

Art History Resources on the Web. Extensive link directory, published by Chris Witcombe. [en]

Arts of China Consortium - Links

Link list with the main categories: Museums and Exhibitions, Books, Research and Reference. Compiled by Nixi Cura, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. [en]

Asian Historical Architecture

Photographic survey of Asia's architectural heritage with background information and virtual tours, published by Tim Ciccone, Abe Ahn, and team. [en]

Buddhist Art from China

Images of temples and interiors, with descriptions: rock-cut architecture - Longmen, Yungang; structural architecture - Baima Si, Zhaiyun Ta. A website of the Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Related Art, College of the Arts, the Ohio State University, Columbus/Ohio, USA. [en]

Central and North Asia, 1600 - 1800 a.d.

Art history timeline published online by the The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. [en]

6 February - 1 November 1998

China: 5,000 Years

Chinese art from its beginnings up to the present. Exhibitions of the Guggenheim Museums in New York and Bilbao, 1998. Information and links, compiled by Universes in Universe. [de, en, es]


Extensive portal of the Chinese Ministry of Culture, includes: Basic country information, arts (modern, crafts, archeology, calligraphy, painting, literature, architecture, etc.), institutions & troupes, travel, laws & regulations, museum (different fields), press releases, exchange projects, festivals, etc. [en, zh]

Chinese Calligraphy

Website with an illustrated history of Chinese calligraphy and instructions about how to practice it. [en]

15 February - 6 May 2007

The Forbidden Empire

Comparative exhibition of 5 centuries of art by Flemish masters and Chinese works from the Ming and Qing dynasties in the Forbidden City, Beijing. Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium. Up from June 2007 at the Palace Museum in the Forbidden City, Beijing. [en, fr, nl]

Historical Wonders of Sanxingdui

The site of Sanxingdui is recognized as one of the most important ancient remains in the world for its vast size, lengthy period and enriched cultural contents. Information, texts, lots of images. Address: the city of Guanghan, 40 km from Chengdu, Sichuan Province. [en]

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Permanent and temporary exhibitions on history, art and culture of China and Asia, among others: fine arts (ancient and contemporary), design, folk art. On the website lots of images from highlights of the permanent collection. Address: 1 Man Lam Road, Sha Tin, Hong Kong. [en, zh]

Lee Kong Chian Art Museum

Museum of the National University of Singapore. Overview on more than 7000 years of Chinese culture: ceramics, archaic jade and bronze, masterpieces of painting and calligraphy from the Ming and Qing dynasties, as well as from the recent past. Address: AS6, 5th Floor, 10 Kent Ridge, Crescent, Singapore. [en]

Overview of Literati Painting (Bunjinga)

Paintings produced by intellectuals as a hobby or a complement to their literary interests, and which were less stylized and bound to rules than professional art was. This genre originated in China in the 11th century, and was adapted by Japanese artists beginning in the 18th century. Virtual Museum of Traditional Japanese Arts. [en]

Palace Museum

Imperial palace (Gugong) of the Ming and Quing dynasties, built 1406-1421 on behalf of the 3rd Ming emperor, Yongle. Was considered the center of the Chinese empire and of the world. The name "Purple Forbidden City" (Zijincheng) does not refer to the color of the buildings (red tones), but rather to the "secret purple area" in heaven - according to ancient Chinese thought, the position of the North Star in the center of the firmament. The 720,000 sqm complex with ca. 8,900 rooms and more than 1 million objects spanning 5,000 years is considered to be the largest museum in the world. [en, zh]

Silk Road Timeline

Introduction to the civilizations along the Silk Road, with examples of artworks. Part of the Internet education project "Silk Road Seattle", directed by Professor Daniel C. Waugh, University of Washington. [en]

Taoism and the Arts of China

Illustrated article by Victor M. Cassidy on occasion of the exhibition of the same name (opened in Chicago in November 2000). Published in artnet.com. [en, es]

Taoism and the Arts of China

Art Institute of Chicago, 4 November 2000, - 7 January 2001; Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, 21 February - 13 May 2001. This first major exhibition of Taoist art in the USA, curated by Stephen Little. 151 works: paintings, calligraphy, sculpture, porcelain, lacquer, ritual robes. [en]

Treasures from a Lost Civilization: Ancient Chinese Art from Sichuan

6 March - 16 June 2002, Metropolitan Museum of Art. 128 works from the 13th century BC - 3rd century AD. Organized by the Seattle Art Museum in collaboration with the Bureau of Cultural Relics, Sichuan Province. [en]

World Heritage in China

Cities, cultural sites and landscapes of China, included in the UNESCO's World Heritage List. Photos and descriptions, published by Chinaculture.org. [en, zh]

World Heritage Preservation in China

The sites of China, included in the UNESCO's list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Texts and photos, published by the China Internet Information Center. [en, zh]