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One of the main goals of the cultural policy pursued by the Federal District's government is to support and widely promote the various cultural manifestations in the arts in all their expressions. The annual International Salon for Painting »Cinco continentes y una ciudad« (Five Continents and a City).

This yearly exhibition is an approach to the reflections of the new painting in all its forms. It introduces works of art that would otherwise not be accesible to an interested audience in our country. With the world's largest city as a framework »Cinco continentes y una ciudad« is an unprecedented event, which brings together contemporary art works from Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

The first edition of this Salon will take place at the historical centre of the city. It will be presented at the Palace of the Counts of Santiago de Calimaya, which hosts the Museum of the City of Mexico.

Marta Palau
is the initiator of this project as well as its director. The artist and curator invited six internationally recognized curators, who selected the 30 participating artists from the five continents and the city of Mexico.

Contact:  Marta Palau   mpalau@solar.sar.net
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