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Dak'Art 2004
7 May - 7 June 2004

Dakar / 2004

Information Overview


7 May - 7 June 2004


CICES (Centre International de Commerce Extérieur du Sénégal)

Maison de la Culture Douta Seck

Galerie Nationale d’Art

L’Ancien Palais de Justice (Former Law-Court)

Musée de l’IFAN (Musée de l’Institut Fondamental d’Afrique Noire)

different places around the city


International Exhibition

Salon for African Design

Individual exhibitions (3 sections: Africa, Diaspora, World)

Tribute to Iba Ndiaye Diadji (art critic, professor of aesthetics)

Dak’Art OFF (parallel exhibitions, events, meetings, etc.)

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See the list of artists.


33 artists and 5 designers from 16 African countries. 18 artists and groups in the individual exhibitions: Africa, Diaspora and World.

See the list of artists and the different exhibitions at the official website.

Symposiums, meetings:

Contemporary African art put to the test of globalization: problems, possibilities and prospects.

Dak’Art_Lab/book 1 (platform for meetings between scientists, technicians and artists who are interested in the development of digital art)

Forum on Design


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This overview has been compiled from information of the organizer and other sources. We do not assume responsibility regarding the correctness of this information.
Gerhard Haupt and Pat Binder, Universes in Universe


Dakar / 2004