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Documenta 11
8 June - 15 September 2002

Documenta / 2002 / Tour / Fridericianum



Víctor Grippo  (4)

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Tables of Work and Reflection, 1994. Installation (detail)

The inscription reads (in Spanish):

On this tabletop, sister of endless others built out of hunger, place of togetherness, of thought, of work, one broke bread - when there was any, the children did their homework, one cried, books were read, joys shared.

It was the table of the tailor, the ironing-woman, the carpenter. Here, clocks were broken and repaired.

Water and also wine were spilled. Neither were ink spots lacking, which were properly cleaned up so that one could knead the dough.

This table was perhaps witness to a few drawings, a few poems, some kind of metaphysical attempt which accompanied reality.

This tabletop, like others as well, and the transubstantion of ...

Grippo 1978/1994

(Translation: Holly Austin)