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Documenta 12
16 June - 23 September 2007

Documenta / 2007 / Tour / Aue-Pavilion

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Halil Altindere







Dengbejs. 2007
Video (DVD), 15:17 min

In a room laid out with colorful rugs, men sing narratives from the oral tradition of the Kurds. As the camera zooms out, the viewer initially assumes that the group has met in a traditional wooden house in the mountains. But the log cabin is on the roof of a modern building complex in the center of the Turkish city of Diyarbakir.

© Stills: Halil Altindere
Repros: Haupt & Binder


* 1971 Mardin, Turkey. Lives in Istanbul, Turkey.
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Documenta / 2007 / Tour / Aue-Pavilion