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Documenta 12
16 June - 23 September 2007

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Documenta 12 Magazine




For the editorial project Documenta 12 Magazines, under the direction of Georg Schöllhammer "nearly 100 publications with different formats, different orientations and focuses, and different art, culture, and theory media from around the world, have been invited since January 2006 to think together about the motifs and themes of documenta 12. They made the exhibition’s guiding questions their own, discussing them at editorial level and passing them on to writers and artists." A selection of contributions where published before the exhibition in three editions of the Documenta 12 Magazine.

Examples of the participating publications are on display in the entrance area of the documenta-Halle, but unfortunately visitors are not permitted to leaf through them. So there is no chance to get an impression of their character and content.

>> Documenta Magazines
Official website, including all the participating magazines and some articles published by them.

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Documenta / 2007 / Tour / documenta-Halle