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Lucas Bambozzi - Statement
Lucas Bambozzi Written down by Pat Binder and Gerhard Haupt, based on an interview with the artist. + zoom: click on images
Note in the leaflet of the artist about the title and concept of his work:

Atópicos [misplaces]

appropriation notes:
atópicos = [suggestion] no traces about identity or on-site localization.
from Greek topos = place > atopicos = no utopia
misplaces = to miss places [suggestion]: misapprehended situations > to forget moments

The videos in this piece show the hotels where I have been staying over the last five years. I have been recording them all in the same way. After waking up, I record the stuff I have left on the floor or on the bed, and then move in the direction of the window. If there's a TV, I turn on the TV. But today, in the days of globalization, you have the same TVs all around the world, so it doesn't give you any clues about cultural aspects or about what's going on at the place where you are. The hotels also try to be the same everywhere. Although, the view through the windows still could reveal a lot, and they allow this confrontation between the "no place" - the hotel - and the "hard place" -where the hotel is situated.

I also use other elements like the razor blades on the walls. Since '92, I've collected all the razor blades I've used. I started to do it - don't ask me exactly why. I included them in this installation because they are not special, they are ordinary objects, but I tried to give each a special reason for what it was used for. There's a date and the reason - for example to go to a party, or because it was my birthday, or because I had a meeting, or just to keep up my appearance.

Another element in the installation is a trash bin with a video which shows some personal objects that have been thrown away. Sometimes a hand, my hand, takes something back from the trashcan, as if to say "Oh, this stuff is more special than the other ones."

This is a project that simulates presence, that simulates an existence - not exactly mine - but just to let people think there is a personal life behind each object, since there was a purpose for using them, which may be a sort of clue to this "life."

© Photos on the right: Lucas Bambozzi
Interview, portrait: Gerhard Haupt & Pat Binder,
Universes in Universe
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