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Collective Permanence 2000  (Permanecer Colectivo)
 Volúmen Uno / + zoom Detail Espacio Aglutinador
Street 6 # 602, corner 25 and 25, Vedado

In her apartment, the artist Sandra Ceballos runs a gallery that she established together with Ezequiel Suárez in 1995.
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Poster of "Volúmen Uno" (1981) + zoom Detail
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Exhibited were objects from various private collections (see loaners) which, in this context, told a very personal and yet collective story of Cuban art .

In addition, the catalogue says:

Installationen These are objects, projects, drafts, invitations, cards, gifts, obligations, charms, fragments of installations. Modest and unusual works made without calculation or high standards. Mysterious constructions, informally fabricated by a group of artists, living or already passed away, old, young, Cubans (at home or abroad) and foreigners - meticulously compiled by ardent collectors of fetishes and memorabilia.

Loaners: Orlando Hernández, Eduardo Rubén, Eugenio Vadés, Dalia García Barbán, Enrique Lanza, José Veigas, and Sandra Ceballos.

One exhibit was the (never publicly hung) poster of the legendary exhibition "Volumen Uno". It took place as a self-initiative of the participating artists at the Galería San Rafael in January of 1981. It was considered a turning point for a fundamental renewal of the art of Cuba.
Artists on the poster "Volúmen Uno":

Above (left to right): Gory (Rogelio López Marín), Juan Francisco Elso, Ricardo Rodríguez Brey, José Manuel Fors, José Bedia, Rubén Torres Llorca. Unten: Tomás Sánchez, Flavio Garciandía, Gustavo Pérez Monzón, Leandro Soto.

(We assigned the names ourselves. Please inform us of any mistakes you discover.)
Performance by Coco Fusco

In the frame of the exhibition, Coco Fusco presented her performance "The Postponed Event", on November 13th, 2000
Coco Fusco - Performance
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