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This is your house, Vicenta  (Esta es tu casa, Vicenta)
House of Vicenta Aguila Borja Street # 8, corner with 11, Vedado
16 - 30 November 2000
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Artists from Cuba and the USA participated in the exhibition for which Vicenta Aguila Borja made her house available.

The show, which did not appear in the Biennial's official program, was organized by Pamela Ruiz. She comes from the USA and lives in Havana, where she is married to a Cuban artist.

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Since 1950, Vicenta Aguila Borja has lived in the house which was built at the end of the 18th century.
Damáin Aquiles Damáin Aquiles: My Involuntariness

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Alberto Casado Alberto Casado: Padlock Nr. 7

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Angel Delgado Angel Delgado: Absolute Silence

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Ezequiel Suárez /  + zoom in Ezequiel Suárez: Proyecto egis

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Kerstin Zurbrigg Kerstin Zurbrigg: Dedications, Dedicatorias

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Ohne Bilder: Ernesto Leal: The Word That Is Not Missing

John Morton: The Apropos Presage:
Thirteen Antedi Luvian Looking Glasses
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