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Cuban Film Posters
Former convent of San Francisco de Asís
Plaza de San Francisco, Old Havana
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Cuban Film Posters René Azcuy
Together with the emergence of new Cuban film, a group of artists and graphic designers appropriated formal innovations of North American op-art, pop and kinetic art in order to create posters for the announcement of various films in Cuba. They developed a graphic form of expression that not only served the purpose of advertising but also attained great aesthetic importance. The artists achieved a very special union of painting, photography, caricature and graphic design. These posters quickly received national and international recognition, as did the creators themselves, including: Alfredo Rostgaard, Eduardo Muñoz Bachs, Rafael Morante, Antonio Fernández Reboiro, René Azcuy y Antonio Pérez (Ñico)

(From a brochure of the Biennial program.)
Poster by René Azcuy.
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