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La Gente en Casa  (People at Home)
Cuban Art form the sixties to the nineties
Remodelated Building #3
of the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes
Montserrate cornenr with Empedrado, Old Havana

18 November 2000 - 5 January 2001
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Due to reconstruction work lasting several years, the National Museum of Fine Arts was long unable to show its collection of Cuban art. During this Biennial, it presented 62 works from 44 of the most important Cuban artists of the last four decades in one of the recently completed buildings.

According to the catalogue, the title means that, alongside international exhibitions, foreign visitors will now finally get to see what the "people at home" are doing as well. For the 1st to the 5th Biennial, the National Museum had always made its halls available, which required the removal of most of the permanent collection and it was therefore never on view.
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