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Antoni Muntadas at the Centro Cultural de España
Antoni Muntadas: La Siesta Palacio de las Carátides
Malecón 7 (entre Prado y Capdevila)
La Habana
La Siesta, 1995 Meetings, 2000
A project realized for the exhibition "Beyond the Bridge: Joris Ivens, Source for Media Artists." Six interdisciplinary artists of diverse origins were invited to create a work that relates to the person and work of the Dutch filmmaker Joris Ivens (1898-1989).

"La Siesta" is like an audiovisual self-portrait that connects scenes from another artist's work - particularly the early films of Joris Ivens - with the siesta as a leitmotif. This occurs in the sense of an interval of quiet and relaxation and their dissolution upon returning to the wide-awake reality and the interrupted activity. A reflection on the aesthetic of creation, on subjectivity and objectivity, on experimentation and communication. Video projection on a white wall and a armchair in front of it.

(From the exhibition catalogue from Centro Cultural de España. Translated from the German version by Rebeccah Blum. Photos: Binder & Haupt.)

Meetings, 2000
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"Meetings" is based on the medium of blueprints addressing issues of relationships, hierachial positions, gestures implying marketing strategies, campaigns and planning.

(From a press release of the Kent Gallery, New York)
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Portfolio of 6 Screenprints.
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