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Sid Gómez Hildawa - Statement
Sid Gómez Hildawa Written down by Pat Binder and Gerhard Haupt, based on an interview with the artist.
My work for the Biennial is called "Dream Houses of People Who Live with Their Parents".

What I did for it was, I interviewed various people in Manila who are in their twenties who still live with their parents. I asked them to draw their dream houses on a card. I also asked them to describe in words what their dream houses would be. These cards are now installed on the floor together with red candlestick figures, to evoke a housing estate or small town.

On the walls I blew up these drawings on tracing paper, the kind we use for architectural buildings or plans. The candle figures are meant to give a relation between dreams and prays. So these are people who dream and also pray; they want to have a house of their own. There are also some broken pieces symbolizing broken dreams.

When I conceived this piece I was aware of the Biennial's theme of communication and also the relation with architecture interested me. I'm an artist and also an architect by profession.
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Universes in Universe
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