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Jaime Iregui: Hunting Scenes
Artist's text
It deals with a mobile and open space that serves to make such collections known through photography, whose criteria have a more intimate and personal character, and not an institutional or commercial one.

The origin of conventional collections (institutions, museums, private businesses, magnates, etc.) is closely attached to the idea of the "booty" that was compiled following wars, invasions, plundering or was acquired systematically as proof of one's cultural status and economic power. On the other hand, the nonconventional collections come from something rooted so deeply in the past - as in the action of collecting in and of itself, the hunting for certain objects whose value is determined by a strictly personal interest rather than through institutional or mercantile motives.

The first "Hunting Scenes" exhibition took place in "Espacio Vacío" (empty space) - a nonprofit exhibition space and cultural project in Bogotá run by the journalist and collector José Hernández. Thirty collectors were invited by the artist Jaime Iregui, the idea's founder and the project manager of "Espacio Vacío".

Upon the exhibition's dismantling at the end of 1998, Iregui realized a special version for the Internet with the intent of making the idea known and gaining the participation of an even greater number of collectors. Since then, every kind of collection is represented at "Hunting Scenes." In this way, the interest in diverse communicative media has been awakened - in media which have dedicated time and space to the deepening and reconnaissance of this habit that is as old as man himself.

For the Biennial version, Iregui toured Havana's various neighborhoods accompanied by the artist María Elvira Escallón in order to discover hidden treasures and invite collectors to join this gang of hunters who in "Hunting Scenes" has found its meeting point for the exchange of images and anecdotes about their search, their wanderings and their collections.

If you are one of those people who in the heart of hearts of their private sphere keep or have kept various objects which could be assigned to any category or which have absolutely no economic value, you will have to acknowledge that you are a collector.

Participate by sending an image of your collection to this address:

Visit "Hunting Scenes":

Translated by Rebeccah Blum

© Text, photo: Jaime Iregui
Gerhard Haupt & Pat Binder,
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Collection of crystal glassware and porcelain objects from the Sánchez family in Bogotá
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