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Sila Chanto Quesada - Statement and Detail
Fragment from "Bitácora de los Oficios"
The physical or imagined line, the bodies and their identities, the interior and the exterior, the groups and their way of thinking, life and death as presence and absence separating or combining ambiguously, transforming into a calligraphy of bodies outlined. These come from certain people from my personal sphere who posed for my work in the position of peeing-on-the-wall - as a widespread activity referring to a symbolic appropriation of space. I intend to question this "wall" by building one that is soft and permeable to air. Its material is gauze, similar to that which is used for healing wounds. In this case, it erects an ambiguous separating wall that lets us sense other realities in its transparence. The people entering the room in succession thereby become parts of the work through their own shadows on the walls.
© Text: Sila Chanto Quesada
Photo: José Cruz Pabón

Translation: Gerhard Haupt & Pat Binder,
Universes in Universe
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