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Franklin Cassaro 1962 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Advertisement coat, 2000
Installation. 400 x 600 x 600 cm

Inflatables are solids the sizes of which range between less than a cubic meter to almost the area of an entire large room.They are filled with air - be it natural wind generated by the atmospheric conditions of the day, be it air blown by ventilation fans. In material and concrete terms, inflatables are only a thin paper or plastic skin that, when emptied and folded, weighs but a few grams or kilos.

In their sculptural and solid form inflatables provoke a short circuit in classical topological distinctions between environment, the internal, and the external; between surrounding air and contained air; between hollow and completely filled. In the case of penetrable - inflatables, a new perceptive, phenomenological, and experimental horizon opens up for the solid: the short circuit of classic topological distinctions is extended to the distinctions between interior and exterior instances, between registers of epidermis and body, as well as between inside air, outside air, surrounding air, and contained air.

Finally, the technical-observer now entirely encapsulated becomes part of the solid; the subject himself becomes an organ, invaginated, epidermis and body, inside a solid that, thin and light, is at the same time sculpture, body and architecture.

From "The Art of Topology" by Adriano Pedrosa. Catalog text to Franklin Cassaro's exhibition at Galeria Baró Senna, São Paulo, January 2000
Franklin Cassaro
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