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Gustavo Artigas

* 1970 Mexico-City, Mexico; lives there.
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Gustavo Artigas
On the air, 2000
Action during the opening of the Biennial, November 17th, and other days.
Event. Radio Pirate Broadcast, audio of several air disasters. Radio Disaster 90.1 FM. Portable radios and model airplanes.

Instructions by the artist for the action:

1. Ask the personnel at the Fototeca on Plaza Vieja Square for a portable radio and a model airplane. You will have to leave an ID as a deposit.
2. Tune to 90.1 FM Radio Disaster to listen to the original sound of several aircrashes. Check your airplane before using it. Ask the personnel for help if needed.
3. Make your airplane fly.
4. Take back the airplane and the radio to recover your ID. Be considerate, let other users play.
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