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8th Havana Biennial
1 November - 15 December 2003

Havana / 2003 / Tour / Museo Nacional

René Francisco Rodríguez: Ajuste de cuentas  (Accounting)

René Francisco Rodríguez

* 1960, Holguín, Cuba

ca(sz)a.persona.beuys (2nd version), 2003

A la ca(sz)a de Rosa, 2003

In one of the poorest quarters of Havana, René Francisco, along with neighbors, restored the completely dilapidated house of 83-year-old Rosa. She was chosen by the neighborhood residents in a basic democratic survey organized by René Francisco, because she had always helped others her whole life. A video documents the process, from the survey up to completion of the building measures.

During a three month stipend in Germany, René Francisco sought financial support for the project. The presentation in the Foto/Graphik Galerie Käthe Kollwitz also served this purpose - see zoom page.

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Filigrana, 2003

Installation: oil on canvas with slide projection
150 x 208 x 250 cm

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