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Havana Biennial

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Venues: Casa de las Américas

Casa de las Américas

Haydee Santamarina Gallery

3ra y G, Vedado

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The House of the Americas, founded in 1959 by Haydee Santamaría, is an institution for the cultural dialog in and with Latin America and the Caribbean. Its program encompasses various fields of art, culture and humanities. There are special departments for literature, visual arts, theater, music, Caribbean research, and women’s studies.

The Casa de las Américas organizes a wealth of cultural and scientific events. It awards international prizes for literature, photography, graphic arts, musicology and theater.

In 1997, the Fondo Editorial Casa was created to secure the extensive publishing activities which had already begun shortly after the organization’s foundation. Since 1990, the Casa de las Américas has published a periodical by the same name. To this were later added: Conjunto (theater), Boletín Música, Anales del Caribe, as well as Arteamérica, a magazine for the visual arts.

The institution owns four galleries for temporary exhibitions as well as its own art collection.

Website: www.casa.cult.cu

Havana / City Map / Vedado


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