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6th Biennial of Havana:
Opinions, reviews, interviews

Coco Fusco
Critic, curator, artist from Cuba; lives in New York. Manuscript of a piece done for Radio Latino USA.

Jorge S. Helft
Collector, curator, President of the San Telmo Foundation; lives in Buenos Aires. Statement for Universes in Universe.

Gerardo Mosquera
Art historian, critic, curator; lives in Havana.
Selections from an interview by Gerhard Haupt

Luis Fernando Valencia
Art critic, theorist; lives in Bogotá.
Review of the 6th Biennial of Havana

Zuleiva Vivas
Curator, Director for Visual Arts at CELARG; lives in Caracas. Statement for Universes in Universe.
The texts represent the opinions and ideas of the author, and are not necessarily in accordance with ours.

© Reproduction of texts only with express permission of the author or editor.
The Sixth Havana Biennial
Review by Rachel Weiss published in Art Nexus 26/1997. Presented by Universes in Universe.

Sixth Havana Biennial - Performances
By Alejandra Pozo, published in Art Nexus Nr. 26/97. Presented by Universes in Universe.

Bananas in Havana
By Lee Wen, artist from Singapore, who participated in the Biennial. Published in: Happening!

An Art World Emerging into the Cuban Sun
By Edward M. Gomez from the New York Times News Service, in the online-version of LatinoLink.

A Journal on the 6th Biennial of Havana
By Satoru Nagoya, with numerous images. From the Network Museum & Magazine Project, Japan.

Images of Memory
A 27-minute Real Audio-Video by Allan Parachini and Barbara Pepe documenting the Sixth Havana Biennial and related Cuban cultural politics. Special focus on the installation work of Kcho.

Sexta Bienal de la Habana
Review by Beate Cegielska in fotoTAPETA, Poland. Includes several images. (Polish)

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Havana Art Scene

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