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Félix E. Pérez Félix E. Pérez
In Order to See You Better, 1997

The boxes hanging on the walls contain pictures which can be removed. The boxes are drawers, with inscriptions bearing information on the contents and the piece's possible uses. It also lists if, and with what kind of restrictions, the art may be shown. In this way, the exhibit is about categorization and regulation. Pérez criticizes the art business in general, and especially the Cuban state's regulatory policies. The shell is more important than the contents, and it is often the case that the art does not represent what is shown on its packaging.
Other works by Félix Pérez deal with the commercialization of Cuban art. For example, he designed a Monopoly game for which the bank notes bear names and portraits of famous Cuban artists. How much the note is worth is related to the success of the artist in the international art market. Félix E. Pérez

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