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T-Shirt Campaign
Especially for this exhibition, the artists designed a small number of T-Shirts to be put on sale. Here, Lázaro Saavedra wears a shirt by José Angel Toirac (right in photo). On the shirt is a quotation from the letter written by Che Guevara to Fidel Castro at Guevara's departure: »In this hour, I remember many things...«. Toirac sees a contemporary meaning in this quotation, though in an entirely different context. He believes that in Cuba today, a lot is talked about friends who have left, and all of the things which can't be found anymore, or at most very rarely: »Do you remember the meat that we had back then..., the cakes..., the milk...?« Lázaro Saavedra, José Angel Toirac

© photo: Gerhard Haupt

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