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José A. Figueroa:  profile

Born in 1946 in Havana. 1964 began his education as photographer. From 1969 until 1976, he was a photo reporter for the periodical »Cuba Internacional«. 1977 - 1984, cameraman for the film department of the Cuban Ministry of Education. 1982/1983 war reporter in Angola. 1982 jurist and lecturer at the 1st Conference for Contemporary Photography in Quito, as well as lecturer at the symposium for the »Cuban Photography Prize« in Havana. Participant in the selection committee for the exhibition »Hecho en Latinoamérica III« in the Third Colloquium for Latin Americna Photography (Havana 1984). Author of the book »Señor, retráteme« (Sir, take a picture of me).

The photos of the exhibition »Proyecto Habana« are part of an extensive series, which has been shown since 1997, among other places, in Switzerland, the USA and Spain.

José Alberto Figueroa lives as a freelance photographer in Havana.
His address:

Calle 17 no. 155, apto. 4, entre K y L
10400 La Habana, Cuba

Phone and fax: (+537) 32 97 22

Email: jafigo@artsoft.cult.cu

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