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Fernando Rodríguez
Born in 1970 in Matanzas, graduate of the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana 1994. Fernando Rodríguez
The Proud Farmer
From the series »Dreams«, 1997
Fernando Rodríguez invented the imaginary figure Francisco de la Cal. He is a simple man and an enthusiastic patriot who went blind in the early 1960's, and believes today that all of the goals of the Cuban revolution have been fulfilled. Fernando sees himself as the visual translator and mediator of the experiences and dreams of his fictitious character. The contradiction to existing Socialism in Cuba is thereby made obvious.

This work is less ironic. It centers around the fact that, with the chronic lack of foodstuffs and other goods in Cuba, a farmer can make very good money. Because of this, he has privileged social status and is far better off than an intellectual, for example.
Fernando Rodríguez

© photos: Gerhard Haupt

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