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Zona Vedada 2 - 30 May 1997
The title means »preserved zone« and plays on the name of the Vedado quarter of Havana, in which the exhibition was held in a private apartment house. The event was organized by the artists themselves, and as it was threatened to be banned, the Ludwig Foundation in Cuba came in as official sponsor. entrance with work by Los Carpinteros
Abel Barroso, Los Carpinteros, Ibrahim Miranda, Sandra Ramos, Fernando Rodríguez, Osvaldo Yero. Guests: Thomas Glassford (USA), Angel R. Ríos (Cuba), Federico Uribe (Colombia). The three are currently living in Mexico.
Los Carpinteros Los Carpinteros
Abel Barroso   Abel Barroso
Thomas Glassford   Thomas Glassford
Fernando Rodríguez   Fernando Rodríguez
Ibrahim Miranda   Ibrahim Miranda
Sandra Ramos   Sandra Ramos
Federico Uribe   Federico Uribe
Osvaldo Yero   Osvaldo Yero
Angel Ricardo Ríos, was unable to travel to Cuba. The work which he wanted to exhibit was shown only as documentation. Unfortunately, we have no photos.
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