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Istanbul Biennial 2007: List of artists
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Hamra Abbas

* 1976 Kuwait. Lives in Berlin, Germany, and Lahore, Pakistan.

Adel Abdessemed

* 1971 Constantine, Algeria. Lives in Paris, France.


Formed in 1987 by Tatiana Arzamasova, Lev Evzovich and Evgeny Svyatsky, all born in Moscow, Russia.

Vahram Aghasyan

Lives in Yerevan, Armenia.

Buthayna Ali

* 1974 Damascus, Syria; lives there.

Allora & Calzadilla

Jennifer Allora: * 1974 Philadelphia, USA.
Guillermo Calzadilla: * 1972 Havana, Cuba.
Live in Puerto Rico.

Selçuk Artut

* 1976 Turkey. Lives in Istanbul, Turkey.

Kutluğ Ataman

* 1961 Istanbul, Turkey; lives there and in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Fikret Atay

* Batman, Turkey. Lives in Paris, France.

Jonathan Barnbrook

* 1966 Luton, UK. Lives in London, UK.

Ramazan Bayrakoğlu

* 1968 Balıkesir, Turkey. Lives in İzmir, Turkey.

Justin Bennett

* 1964 Nuneaton, UK. Lives in The Netherlands.

Ege Berensel, Banu Ornat, Serhat H. Yalçınkaya

E. Berensel: * 1968 Muğla, Turkey.
B. Ornat: * 1977 Eskişehir, Turkey.
S.H. Yalçınkaya: * 1968 Antalya, Turkey.

Ursula Biemann

* 1955 Zürich, Switzerland; lives there.

Cao Fei

* 1978 Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. Lives in Beijing, China.

Banu Cennetoğlu

* 1970 Ankara, Turkey. Lives in Istanbul, Turkey.

Lia Chaia

* 1978 São Paulo, Brazil; lives there.

Paul Chan

* 1973 Hong Kong, China. Lives in New York, USA.

Chen Hui-Chiao

* 1964 Tanshui, Taiwan. Lives in Taipei, Taiwan.

Chen Chieh-Jen

* 1960 Taoyuan, Taiwan. Lives in Taipei, Taiwan.

Teddy Cruz

* 1962 Guatemala. Lives in San Diego, USA.

Nancy Davenport

* Vancouver, Canada. Lives in New York, USA.

Burak Delier

* 1977 Adapazarı, Turkey. Lives in Istanbul, Turkey.



Atom Egoyan

* 1960 Cairo, Egypt; Armenian parents; raised in Canada. Lives in Toronto, Canada.

Idil Elveris, Zeren Göktan



Art project, started in 1997; Turkey.

Daniel Faust

* 1956 New Rochelle, New York, USA. Lives in New York, USA.

Didier Fiuza Faustino

* 1968. Lives in Paris, France, and Lisbon, Portugal.

Christoph Fink

* 1963 Gent, Belgium.

Nina Fischer, Maroan El Sani

N. Fischer: * 1965 Emden, Germany.
M. El Sani: * 1966 Duisburg, Germany.
Work together since 1993. Live in Berlin, Germany.

Claire Fontaine

Paris-based collective, founded in 2004.

Vicky Funari, Sergio de la Torre

V. Funari: Filmmaker, grew up in Mexico, lives in California, USA.
S. de la Torre: * 1967 Tijuana, Mexico; lives there and in Oakland, CA, USA.

Bodil Furu, Beate Petersen

B. Furu: * 1976 Norway.
B. Petersen: * 1962 Norway.
Live in Oslo, Norway.

Rainer Ganahl

* 1967 Austria. Lives in New York, USA.

Jean Baptiste Ganne

* 1972 France. Lives in Nice, France.


* 1964 Seoul, Korea; lives there.

Renée Green

* 1959 Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Lives in New York and San Francisco, USA.

Ivan Grubanov

* 1976 Belgrade, Serbia; lives there and in London, UK.

Ha Za Vu Zu

Artists group, works since 2005 in Istanbul.

Erdem Helvacıoğlu

* 1975 Bursa, Turkey. Lives in Istanbul, Turkey.

Huang Yong Ping

* 1954 Xiamen, China. Lives in Paris, France.

Emre Hüner

* 1977 Istanbul, Turkey; lives there and in Milan, Italy.

Sanja Iveković

* 1949 Zagreb, Croatia; lives there.

Eleni Kamma

* 1973 Athens, Greece; lives there.

Kan Xuan

* 1972 Anhui, China. Lives in Beijing, China, and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Ömer Ali Kazma

* 1971 Istanbul, Turkey; lives there.

Ian Kiaer

* 1971 London, UK; lives there.

Sora Kim

* 1965 Seoul, Korea; lives there.

Taiyo Kimura

* 1970 Kamakura, Japan; lives there.

Gunilla Klinberg

* 1966 Stockholm, Sweden; lives there.

Aleksander Komarov

* 1971 Belarus. Lives in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Rem Koolhaas / AMO

* 1944 Rotterdam, The Netherlands; lives there.

Markus Krottendorfer

* 1976 Austria. Lives in Vienna, Austria.

Lee Bul

* 1964 Korea. Lives in Seoul, Korea, and New York, USA.

Minouk Lim

* 1968 Korea. Lives in Seoul, Korea.

Lu Chunsheng

* 1968 Changchun, China. Lives in Shanghai, China.

Cristina Lucas

* 1973 Jaén, Spain. Lives in Madrid, Spain, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Ken Lum

* 1956 Vancouver, Canada; lives there.

MAP Office

Laurent Gutierrez: * 1966 Casablanca, Morocco.
Valérie Portefaix: * 1969 Saint-Etienne, France.
Since 1996 in Hong Kong, China.

Ramón Mateos

* 1968 Madrid, Spain; lives there.

Julio César Morales

* 1966 Tijuana, Mexico. Lives in San Francisco, USA.


Agency for territorial investigation, based in Milan, Italy. A network formed by architects, geographers, artists, urban planners, sociologists, etc.

Els Opsomer

* 1968. Lives in Brussels, Belgium.

Ou Ning

* 1969 Zhangjian, Guangdong, China. Lives in Beijing, China.

Ferhat Özgür

* 1965 Ankara, Turkey; lives there.

Peng Hung-Chih

* 1969 Taiwan. Lives in Taipei, Taiwan, and New York, USA.

Anu Pennanen

* 1975 Kirkkonummi, Finland. Lives in Helsinki, Finland.

Alexandre Périgot

* 1959 France. Lives in Paris and Bastia, France.

Tadej Pogačar

* 1960 Ljubljana, Slovenia; lives there.

Bik Van der Pol

Liesbeth Bik and Jos van der Pol. Live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Julien Prévieux

* 1974 Grenoble, France. Lives in Paris, France.

Radek Community

Group of artists, activists and authors founded in Moscow, Russia, in 1999.

Michael Rakowitz

* 1973 Great Neck, NY, USA. Lives in Chicago, USA.

Raqs Media Collective

Jeebesh Bagchi: * 1965.
Monica Narula: * 1969.
Shuddhabrata Sengupta: * 1968.
All born in New Delhi, India; live there.

Jewyo Rhii

* 1971 Seoul, Korea; lives there.

Porntaweesak Rimsakul

* 1979 Udornthani, Thailand; lives there and in Bangkok, Thailand.

Lordy Rodriguez

* 1976 Philippines. Lives in San Francisco, USA.

Sam Samore

* 1953 Washington D.C., USA. Lives in New York, USA.

Fernando Sánchez Castillo

* 1970 Madrid, Spain; lives there.

Allan Sekula

* 1951 Erie, Pennsylvania, USA. Lives in Los Angeles, USA.

Taro Shinoda

* 1964 Tokyo, Japan; lives there.

Sophia Tabatadze

* 1977 Tbilisi, Georgia; lives there and in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

David Ter-Oganyan

* 1981 Russia. Lives in Moscow, Russia.

Nasan Tur

* 1974 Offenbach, Germany. Lives in London, UK, and Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

Katleen Vermeir, Ronny Heiremans

K. Vermeir: * 1973.
R. Heiremans: * 1962
Live in Brussels, Belgium.

Wong Hoy Cheong

* 1960 Penang, Malaysia. Lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Xu Zhen

* 1977 China. Lives in Shanghai, China.

Yan Lei

* 1965 Hebei Province, China. Lives in Beijing and Hong Kong, China.

Yan Pei Ming

* 1960 China. Lives in Dijon, France.

Yang Jiechang

* 1956 Guangdong Province, China. Lives in Heidelberg, Germany, and Paris, France.

Tomoko Yoneda

* 1965 Akashi, Hyogo, Japan. Lives in London, UK.

Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries

Established in 1999 by Young-Hae Chang (* Seoul, Korea) and Marc Voge (* USA). Based in Seoul, Korea

Yushi Uehara / Berlage Institute

* 1964 Japan. Lives in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Zhou Hao, Ji Jianghong

Both * 1968 China; live there.

Zhu Jia

* 1963 Beijing, China; lives there.



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