media_city seoul 2002 26 September - 24 November 2002
Luna's flow
Regarding "Luna's flow", central theme of the 2nd edition of the biennial for media art media_city seoul, artistic director Wonil Rhee writes that the moon is connected to the message: in the darkness of the universe there exists something which is alive. In this sense, moonlight has accompanied us since the creation of the universe, but in modern society we have lost the "holy communication" with the moon.

From this, he derives the initial inquiry and the intention of media_city seoul 2002:

"Can we find a new significance of the moon in this digital era? The moon is still shining on us while we are seeking for digital destinations in virtual space. media_city seoul 2002 offers a journey to the virtual space starting from an intellectual speculation on new implications regarding the moon. The blue lights that are radiated from monitors and screens in a dark cyber space of the exhibition can be compared to the moonlight and the surface of the moon. This is to comprehend media in the cosmic context where the sun is the source of moonlight."

It continues in this manner on the website of media_city seoul 2002.

In the case that the server is down again, or completely overloaded (as has happened so often since the opening of the event), here is a brief overview of the facts.
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