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media_city seoul
Republic of Korea


Seoul International Media Art Festival
media_city seoul

Seoul - South Korea


This media art biennial is part of extensive efforts to establish the city of Seoul as an international high-tech and media metropolis. Especially important in this is the Seoul Digital Media City, in which "media_city seoul" is meant to have a permanent headquarters.

The professed goal of the organizers is to bring together media art, information technology and new digital culture. Close cooperation with the industry is a given.

Besides common exhibition forms, contact to the audience is sought in public spaces throughout the city, whereby media-specific aspects of life in a modern megalopolis are themselves starting points as well focus of the art.

A variety of topics, as well as youth, educational and entertainment programs, are meant to increase the broad effect of the events, and draw an even greater audience to media art.



media_city team and Seoul Museum of Art

Email: jooyunlee@paran.com

Website: mediacityseouleng.tistory.com



5th Festival
12 September -
5 November 2008
Opening: 11 Sept. 2008

4th media_city seoul
18 October -
10 December 2006

3rd media_city seoul
15 December 2004 -
20 February 2005

2nd media_city seoul
26 September -
24 November 2002

1st media_city seoul
02 September -
31 October 2000