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4th Mercosur Biennial
4 October - 7 December 2003


4th Mercosur Biennial of Visual Arts

Central theme:

Contemporary Archaeology
(Arqueologia Contemporânea)

As expressed by the curator Nelson Aguilar, the 4th edition of the Mercosul Biennial aims at "questioning the order of the global cultural circuit, strengthening the specificity of Latin-American art, and proposing an alternative to established artistic centers."

The motivating idea of the event will be the relationship between the archaeological and the contemporary. The title refers, among other things, to the fact that elements from the remote cultural past have enriched the cultural expressions of the avantgardes of the 20th century. Its achievements are now being ratified by the latest generations. For this reason one can speak of a "living archaeology" which encompasses a long period of cultural activity.

Parallel to the central exhibitions, each country of the Mercosur presents a national selection, as well as a show in honour of a recognized artist. This year is Mexico the specially invited country.

Information on the particular exhibitions and their curators you will find under dates and facts.

4 October -
7 December 2003

Fundação Bienal de Artes Visuais do Mercosul

General curator:
Nelson Aguilar

Curators of particular shows and national presentations - see exhibitions

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