1st Mercosur Biennial - Home October 2 - November 20, 1997
Imaginary Objects

Oficinas do Deprec
Warehouse of the Navy
Av. Presidente João Goulart
Oficinas do Deprec
Sydia Reyes Sydia Reyes
Sydia Reyes
Venezuela, born in 1957
From the Other Side of the Mirror. 1997
Installation: steel pipes, photos and video
Jorge Barrão Jorge Barrão Jorge Barrão
Jorge Barrão
Brazil, born in 1959
Installation, 1997
Cages and corrals with hens, pigs, a dog and other animals considered as »marginalized« from the city. In the development of public discussion, it was questioned whether animals could be used as objects of an exhibition. The dog ended up being »adopted«.
Marcos Chaves Marcos Chaves Marcos Chaves
Marcos Chaves
Brazil, born in 1961
Installation. 1997
Fire extinguisher boxes encircling the building
© Photos: Gerhard Haupt
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