1st Mercosur Biennial - Home October 2 - November 20, 1997
International Seminars

The seminars took place at the Federal University's Administration Building. The organizer intends to publish the contributions to both seminars. Refer questions to the Biennial's Foundation.
Latin American Utopias
October 6 - 9, 1997. Coordinator: Frederico Morais

Themes, participants and contributions:
Americanisms: Myths and Realities   (October 6)
Angel Kalenberg  (Ury) Americanisms: Myths and Realities
María Lúcia Kern  (Bra) J. Torres García: Constructive Universalism and Utopic Aspirations
Javier R. Alcalá  (Pry) Object Projects in Paraguayan Art
Gérard Teulière  (Fra) Utopia and Myth in Today's Latin American Painting
Marcelo Pacheco  (Arg) Political Texts and Absent Contexts: Contemporary Argentinean Art, Community and Memory
Pedro Querejazu  (Bol) Bolivia, Where Myths Are Reality
Regionalism: Theory and Practice   (October 7)
Valeria Paz  (Bol) Working the Thread of Regions and Senses in Guiomar Mesa's Work
Bélgica Rodríguez  (Ven) After the End, or the Beginning? On Regionalism in Latin American Art. Where is Theory, Where is Practice?
Ticio Escobar  (Pry) Art in Times of Globalization
Fernando Farina  (Arg) Tucumán Arde (Argentinean artist group)
Juan Pita  (Esp) Bolivian Art of the 90s- From Disillusion to Necessary Art
Movements   (October 8)
Gaspar Galaz  (Chl) The Last Utopia: The Artistic Speculation at the Margins of Permanence and Transition
Gabriel Peluffo  (Ury) From Federalist Imaginary to Mercosur: Art, Regionalism, and Globalization
Márcio Doctors  (Bra) From Rationality of Concrete to Solidity of Real
Nelly Perazzo  (Arg) A Postmodern Vision of the Utopia of Concretism in Argentina
Margarita Sánchez  (Cub) Changing in Aesthetics: Reproductions and Approximations to the Utopic
Alberto Madrid  (Chl) Recovered Scenes of Contemporary Chilean Visual Arts
Art and Politics   (October 9)
Andrea Giunta  (Arg) Politics and Polemic on Eva Peron's Images
Nelly Richard  (Chl) Memory Forms in a Changing Chile
Shifra Goldman  (USA) Latinamericanization of the United States
Hommage à Mário Pedrosa   - coordinator: Justo Pastor Mellado  (Chl)
Carmen Waugh  (Chl) Mário Pedrosa's Chilean Years and the Solidarity Museum
Additional participants: Márcio Doctors and Frederico Morais  (both Brazil)
Latin America As Seen From Europe and the United States
November 3 - 5, 1997
Coordinators: Irma Arestizábal and José Augusto Avancini

Themes, participants and contributions:
Globalization and Latin American Art   (November 3)
Maria Amélia Bulhões  (Bra) The Dilemma of Identity in the Time of Globalization
Carlos Basualdo  (Arg) The Cultures of Globalization
Mari Carmen Ramírez  (USA) Beyond Identity - Globalization and Latin American Art
Latin America's Absence from Art History   (November 3 and 4)
Edward Sullivan  (USA) Cultural Unconsciousness in the Academy: Latin America's Absence in the History of Art
Irma Arestizábal  (Arg) Argentina in the Biennial
Beverly Adams  (USA) Brazilian Art in the USA: A Case Study
Jacqueline Barnitz  (USA) Latin America's Standpoint in the Discussion of Western Art: From Absence to Fragmentation.
The European and North American Presence in Latin America
(November 4)

Lisbeth Rebollo  (Bra) Discourse of Latin America's Art History from 1950 to 1980 - Europe and the United States as Models
Estrella Diego  (Esp) Latin America Again? (Which one?)
Jacques Leenhardt  (Fra) Misplaced Perception of Art - The European View
Curatorships, Biennials and Art Magazines   (November 5)
Tahia Rivero  (Ven) The Artist and the Museum: Compared Geography
Rosa Olivares  (Esp) How to Live From Art and Not Die in the Attempt?
Paulo Herkenhoff  (Bra) General Curator of the 24th São Paulo Biennial, 1998
Karin Stempel  (Deu) Change in Paradigm: Marginality in Perspective, and Art's Importance in Newspapers

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