1st Mercosur Biennial - Home October 2 - November 20, 1997
Hommage to Xul Solar

Centro Cultural da Associação dos Profissionais Liberais Universitários do Brasil,
Av. Júlio de Castilhos 44

Alejandro Xul Solar, Argentina, 1887 - 1963.
In 1916, the artist adopted the pseudonym Xul Solar, the phonetic equivalent to his parents' last names (Emilio Schulz Riga and Agustina Solari). In the 1920s he was a member of the group Martin Fierro, which brought Modernism to Argentina.

Beyond the geometrically stylized human figures in his drawings, watercolors and small format paintings, his work is permeated with signs, sometimes esoteric and archaic.

Xul Solar was an intellectual with encyclopedic knowledge. He studied religion, philosophy, the Jewish Cabala, astrology, Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophy and was fluent in six modern languages in addition to Latin, Greek, and Sanskrit. This linguistic knowledge led him to create two languages: the Latin-based »neocriollo« and »panlengua«, a language similar to Esperanto.

More information: Museo Xul Solar  [es]
© Photo: Edison Vara

© Photo: Claudio Fachel

Drago, 1927 (above)
25,5 x 32 cm

Mul Wile To, 1962
Tempera, 38 x 28 cm
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