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6th Mercosul Biennial
1 September - 18 November 2007


6th Mercosul Biennial, 2007


MARGS - Museo de Arte de Rio Grande del Sur Ado Malagoli



Theme: The Third Shore of the River
(A Terceira Margem do Rio)

With the 6th edition, the curatorial model of the Mercosul Biennial is changing. Until the 5th editon, the Biennial was based on national representations, but up from the 6th Mercosul Biennial in 2007, a curatorial team works on a joint project under the coordination of the chief curator. It was seen to be a necessary step on the route to valuing a cultural geography created from the voice of the artist to go beyond geopolitical boundaries.

The metaphor of the "Third Shore of the River," is an image taken from the famous story by Guimarães Rosa. The chief curator, Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro, says that the third shore symbolizes a change in perspectives. It emphasizes the possibility of creating a third way of perceiving reality, breaking with the dualities that define it and restrict it - nationalism and globalisation, right and left, good and bad, figuration and abstraction, for example.
(from the press release, May 2007)

The curatorial plan for the 6th Mercosul Biennial consists of four chapters and an educational programme:

Solo Exhibitions
3 major figures in Latin American and international art:

Jorge Macchi (* 1963 Buenos Aires, Argentina)
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Venue: Santander Cultural

Öyvind Fahlström (* 1929 São Paulo, Brazil; + 1976 Stockholm, Sweden)
Venue: MARGS - Rio Grande do Sul Museum of Art

Francisco Matto (1911 - 1995 Montevideo, Uruguay)
Venue: MARGS - Rio Grande do Sul Museum of Art

an exhibition exploring cultural geography through specific relationships between works of art.
Curators: Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro and Alejandro Cesarco
Venue: Quayside warehouses

Free Zone
a series of projects selected by a distinct team of international curators, based solely on criteria of quality and relevance.
Curators: Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro, Inés Katzenstein, Moacir dos Anjos and Luis Enrique Perez Oramas
Venue: Quayside warehouses

Three Frontiers
an international artists’ residency programme based in the Three Border zone at the heart of the Mercosul region
Curators: Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro and Ticio Escobar
Venue: Quayside warehouses

Educational Programme
programmes devised by artists for developing the creative ability of the public.
Curator: Luis Camnitzer
  more information...

Compiled from information by the organizer.
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Fundação Bienal de Artes Visuais do Mercosul

Rua General Andrade Neves, 09
4º andar - Centro
90010 - 210
Porto Alegre - RS

Tel. / Fax: 55 51 3254 7500

Email: contato@bienalmercosul.art.br

Website: www.fundacaobienal.art.br


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6ª Bienal do Mercosul

1 September -
18 November 2007

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Theme: "A Terceira Margem do Rio"
The Third Shore of the River

Chief curator:
Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro

Luis Camnitzer
Alejandro Cesarco
Inés Katzenstein
Luis Enrique Perez Oramas
Moacir Dos Anjos
Ticio Escobar

67 artists from the Mercosul region and other countries

Press information
Concept, curators, artists, exhibitions. May 2007

official website



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