1st Mercosur Biennial - Home October 2 - November 20, 1997
Political Movement

Fundação Bienal
R. Sete de setembro, 1123

Exhibition spaces at the Biennial Foundation headquarters.
Fundação Bienal
Luis Felipe Noé Luis Felipe Noé
Argentina, born in 1933
Where Are We Going? The Present. 1964
Mixed technique, 260 x 255 cm

© Photo: Edison Vara
Hélio Oitica Hélio Oitica
Brazil, 1937 - 1980
Be Marginal, Be a Hero. 1968
Silkscreen (flag), 87 x 112 cm

© Photo: Claudio Fachel
Antônio Manuel Antônio Manuel
Brazil, born in 1947
That is the Result. 1968
Silkscreen, wood, material, cord, 125 x 450 cm

© Photo: Edison Vara
Rubens Gerchman Rubens Gerchman
Brazil, 1937 - 1980
The Trial. 1978 - 1980
Acrylic/Canvas, wood relief, 115 x 250 cm

© Photo: Claudio Fachel
Rubens Gerchman Documentation of the context:
In 1976, a jury (Mário Cravo Junior, Carybé, Rubens Gerchman and Frederico Morais) chose 3 works by Lincoln Volpini for a space in Belo Horizonte. The day after the show's inauguration, the police confiscated a work deemed »subversive«. In a 24 x 18 cm photo, the artist had discovered the legend of »Viva a Guerrilha do Pará-73« written on a wall.
The artist and jury were taken to prison and could have been sentenced for up to five years. Two years later the trial took place and the members of the jury were absolved because of their standing in the art world. The artist was sentenced to one year.

© Photo: Gerhard Haupt
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