1st Mercosur Biennial - Home October 2 - November 20, 1997
The Last Five Years
Art created by emerging artists between 1995 - 1997

DC Navegantes
São José esq. Beirute

(part 1)
© Photo: Claudio Fachel
Félix Bressan Félix Bressan
Brazil, born in 1964
Duchamp. 1996 (front)
Train. 1996 (behind)
Recycled parts

© Photo: Edison Vara
Marité Zaldívar Marité Zaldívar
Paraguay, born in 1955
Maps and Signs of the South's Skin. 1997
Thorns in fabric, 100 x 100 cm each

© Photo: Edison Vara
Lia Menna Barreto Lia Menna Barreto
Brazil, born in 1959
Kindergarten. 1997
Installation with children's chairs

© Photo: Gerhard Haupt
Javier Bassi Javier Bassi
Uruguay, born in 1964
Tell Me About the Forest. 1995
Diptych (detail)
Mixed media, 122 x 225 cm

© Photo: Edison Vara
Rosa Velasco

Rosa Velasco
Chile, born in 1951
The Route of Salt. 1997
Glass case with writing and dried salted fish (above)
Iron frame, fluorescent light, polycarbon records, (guts, dried cod) and texts

© Photos: Edison Vara
Rosa Velasco
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