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27th São Paulo Biennial, 2006
Introduction (print version)

Following a reorientation of its objectives, this year’s edition of the São Paulo Biennial abandoned the concept of national representations. Chief curator Lisette Lagnado and her curatorial team, consisting of Adriano Pedrosa, Cristina Freire, José Roca and Rosa Martínez, as well as Jochen Volz as guest curator, were in sole charge of choosing the 118 international participants.

The Biennial’s concept "Como viver junto" (How to Live Together) was inspired by Roland Barthes lecture series "Comment vivre ensemble", which he presented at the Collège de France in 1967-77. An ethical definition of Living Together shall be searched through the conceptual emphasis of the construction of shared spaces, the questioning of coexistence, differences, rhythms of production and cooperative practices. Hence, the 27th Biennial incorporates two lines of thought developed by Hélio Oiticica (1937-1980): the meaning of "construction", at the base of neoconcrete experimentation, and the "farewell to aesthetics". These ideas practically translate into the exhibition as "Constructive Projects" and "Programs for Life".

The 27th São Paulo Biennial is a multifaceted project offering besides the main exhibition also artist-in-residence programs, screenings (the Film Fortnight), seminars (from January to September), publications, and an educational project.

(compiled from information by the organizers)


São Paulo Biennial
7 October - 17 December 2006

Theme: Como viver junto (How to Live Together)

Chief curator: Lisette Lagnado

Co-curators: Cristina Freire, Rosa Martínez, Adriano Pedrosa, José Roca
Guest curator: Jochen Volz

President of the Fundação Bienal: Manoel Francisco Pires da Costa

119 participants - see the list of artists:

Official website: bienalsaopaulo.globo.com/artes/index.asp


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