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3rd Shanghai Biennale
6 November 2000 - 6 January 2001


Shanghai Biennale 2000:
Haishang - Shanghai

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Already the title of the first international Shanghai Biennale was meant to illustrate a new openness. It is a play upon the name of the city (Shang = over; hai = sea) which is now, with respect to the worldwide art scene as well, underway "on the high seas". This meaning is lost however, in the English version of the title, "Shanghai Spirit".

The diverse reviews of the Biennale create a conflicting impression. Although it is recognized that this event is an important breakthrough for the country, the selection of art from China in particular was judged as being too conservative. How far behind current art production this selection was, could be seen when compared to the many parallel exhibitions outside of the official program. But indeed, as we were not in Shanghai ourselves, we can only draw our conclusions from the accounts and opinions of others.

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6 November 2000 -
6 January 2001

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