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Shanghai Biennale 2002, 22 November 2002 - 20 January 2003

Urban Creation - International Forum for 2002 Shanghai Biennale
Official Press Release

Dates: November 20th, 21st, 2002
Venue: Shanghai Art Museum, People's Square

Wu Liangyong (Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Engineering, President of the Urban Planning Society of China)
Xu Jiang (Chairman of the Academic Committee of 2002 Shanghai Biennale, and Director of the China Academy of Fine Arts)
Arata Isozaki (Japanese Architect)

In the era of globalization, it's a common topic for both China and the whole world to be concerned about the contemporary architecture and urban culture. China is in a time of urban acceleration. On the whole, its cities are changing, and the people experience increased variety of lifestyles and ways of thinking. This transformation has opened up new questions. In an era of urban revolution, well-known local and international architects, artists, scholars, and government officials converge to discuss this historical change from their respective viewpoints. Notable issues on the agenda are urban planning, architectural designs, and the relationship between urban space and natural environment. As an important part of 2002 Shanghai Biennale, will be held the "Urban Creation" International Forum. The organizers hope that the outcome of this discussion will provide a deeper understanding of the social values of the urban development to welcome a brand new architecture era of high quality.

More than 20 well-known architects, artists, scholars and entrepreneurs will deliver papers. Their understanding and consideration of "Urban Creation" is aimed at arousing a closer attention on urban planning and architecture design, and as well at enhancing the social impact of 2002 Shanghai Biennale.

Theme: Urban Creation
Sub-theme: Presence and Future of Chinese Urban Architecture

- Planning and Policy
- Space and Landscape
- Lifestyle and Fashion
- Marketing and Culture

Welcome speech on opening ceremony:
Fang ZengXian (Director of Shanghai Art Museum, Executive Officer of the Organizing Committee of 2002 Shanghai Biennale)

Theme speakers:
Wu Liangyong (Member of the Chinese Academies of Sciences and Engineering, President of Urban Planning Society of China)
Jin Shangyi (Vice Chairman of the Chinese League of Art and Culture, Chairman of the Chinese Association of Artists)
Arata Isozaki (Japanese Architect)
Michael Graves (American Architect)

Sub-Theme Speakers

Planning and Policy
Feng Lun (Chairman of the Vantone Group)
Xu Jiang (Director of China Academy of Fine Arts, Chairman of the Academic Committee of 2002 Shanghai Biennale)
Luo Xiaowei (Architect, Professor of the School of Architecture and City Planning at Tongji University)
Chen Weishu (Board Director of Shanghai Industries Group Ltd.)
Lin Shaozhou (Chairman of Howto Corporation)
Robert C. Morgan (Art Critic)

Space and Landscape
Wu Jiang (Assistant President of Tongji University, Professor of the School of Architecture and City Planning at Tongji University)
Zheng Shiling (Member of the Chinese Academies of Sciences and Engineering Chairman of Architectural Society of Shanghai)
Mi Qiu (Artist)
Xu Bing (Artist)
MVRDV (Dutch Architect)
Stefano Boeri (Italian Architect)

Lifestyle and Fashion
Fan Di'an (Vice President and professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Chief Curator of 2002 Shanghai Biennale)
Wang Mingxian (Architecture Theorist)
Fang Zhenning (Cultural Critic)
Pan Shiyi (Chairman of Board, China Soho Ltd.)
Francis Alÿs (Artist from Belgium, living in Mexico)
Alanna Heiss (Chief Curator of 2002 Shanghai Biennale, Founder and Executive Director of PS1 Contemporary Art Center and Vice-Director of MOMA, New York.)

Marketing and Culture
Wang Wei (Chairman of China M&A Management Co., Ltd.)
Wang Shi (Board Director of the Vanke Group)
Lu Keng (President of the Hua Xin International Group)
Yung-Ho Chang (Professor of the Graduate Center of Architecture of Beijing University)
Liu Jia Kun (Architect)
Paola Antonelli (Curator of Architecture Department, MoMa, USA)


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