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5th Shanghai Biennale
29 September - 28 November 2004

Shanghai / 2004

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29 September - 28 November 2004

Opening: 28 September 2004

See the Press release of the organizer from 7 Sept. 2004


Shanghai Art Museum

325 West Nanjing Road

Public park beside the Shanghai Art Museum


Ying Xiang Sheng Cun (Techniques of the Visible)

See our introduction and the press release by the organizer


Xu Jiang

Born in Fujian, China. President of the China Academy of Art, and Vice Chairman of the Chinese Artists Association.

Sebastián López

Born in Argentina. Artistic and manging director of the Gate Foundation, Amsterdam/Netherlands.

Zheng Shengtian

Born in China. Managing Editor of Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, and Board Member of the Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art.

Zhang Qing

Born in Suzhou, China. Curator of the Shanghai Art Museum and Head of the Shanghai Biennale’s Office.

Detailed biographical notes, see the press release.


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More than 120 artists and groups from Asia, South America, Africa, Europe and North America.


29 - 30 September 2004
International Symposium on the topic of this biennale

Auditorium of the Shanghai Art Museum


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Shanghai / 2004