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Shanghai Biennale


© Photo: Haupt & Binder

9th Shanghai Biennale
2 October 2012 -
31 March 2013
Chief Curator: Qiu Zhijie.
Co-Curators: Boris Groys, Jens Hoffmann, Johnson Chang


Shanghai Biennale

Country map, photos of Shanghai

Photos of Shanghai, country map

Photos of Shanghai, country map



After the first two editions were reserved exclusively for Chinese artists and traditional techniques (oil, ink, and watercolor painting), the Shanghai Biennale was opened to international participants (and curators) as of 2000. Under the sovereignty of the Chinese Ministry of Culture and the Municipal Administration of Shanghai, it is organized by the city's Art Museum and Cultural Bureau as part of the Shanghai International Art Festival.

The Biennale aims to expand Shanghai's importance as the "gateway to the west" to the arts sector. Above all, however, it means to serve as an international platform for the self-portrayal of China and Shanghai. This can be gathered from the official announcement, as well as the high proportion of Chinese participants (approximately half in 2002) and the conceptual focus of the previous biennials.


8th Shanghai Biennale
23 October 2010 -
28 February 2011

7th Shanghai Biennale
9 Sept. - 16 Nov. 2008

6th Shanghai Biennale
5 Sept. - 5 Nov. 2006

5th Shanghai Biennale
29 Sept. - 28 Nov. 2004
Extensive photo tour

4th Shanghai Biennale
22 Nov. 2002 -
20 Jan. 2003

3rd Shanghai Biennale
6 Nov. 2000 - 6 Jan. 2001

National exhibitions:

2nd Shanghai Biennale
10 Oct. - 20 Nov. 1998
256 works of ink and
watercolor painting

1st Shanghai Biennale
18 March - 7 April 1996
160 works of oil painting
by 29 artists

© Photo: Haupt & Binder

© Photos: Haupt & Binder


Shanghai Art Museum
325, Nanjing Road West
Shanghai 200003

Tel.: 86 21 632272829257

Email: info@shanghaibiennale.org

Website: www.shanghaibiennale.org