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6th Sharjah Biennial
8 April - 8 May 2003

Sharjah / 2003 / Report


6th Sharjah Biennial: International Symposium

Art in a Changing Horizon - Globalization and New Aesthetic Practice

9 - 11 April 2003
Sharjah Expo Centre

Coordinator: Talal Moualla

Concept, Themes - see Preview

Eröffnung des Symposiums

Opening of the Symposium: Essam Bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Director of the Department of Culture and Information, Government of Sharjah; Talal Moualla, Coordinator of the Symposium; Hisham Al Madhloum, Director of the Directorate of Arts and General Coordinator of the Sharjah Biennial (left to right)

Symposium Symposium

Sharjah / 2003 / Report