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7th Sharjah Biennial
6 April - 6 June 2005

Sharjah / 2005

Photo Tour

Photo Tour - Overview

Sharjah Art Museum

>>  Sharjah Art Museum

In our tour:
23 artists, mounting and opening of the show

Expo Centre Sharjah

>>  Expo Centre Sharjah

In our tour:
16 artists, mounting, spaces, opening

See also:

>>  Curators
Curator, co-curators, general coordinator

>>  Symposium
Photos of some of the participants


Impressions of Sharjah

>>  Impressions of Sharjah
Photos by students of the School of Architecture and Design of the American University of Sharjah


In our photo tour through the 7th Sharjah Biennial, you will find artworks of a selection of artists, as well as images from the exhibition mounting, spaces, opening, etc.

We suggest you to follow the  >> Tour.

Particular artists can be found thorugh the
 >> complete artist list.


Sharjah / 2005

Photo Tour