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1st Singapore Biennale
4 September - 12 November 2006

Symposium: The Biennale Complex

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European Touring Biennial



Manifesta, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art, was initiated, and is supported by the International Foundation Manifesta (IFM). It is an European contemporary art event, taking place every two years at a different European location. The first edition was realized in Rotterdam in 1996. Following editions: 1998 Luxembourg, 2000 Ljubljana, 2002 Frankfurt am Main, 2004 San Sebastian. The concept of Manifesta is re-examined, each time that the biennial moves on to a new city or region. As an outward expression of this process of renewal, the Board of the IFM and its new partners appoint a fresh team of curators from different parts of Europe, at the start of each new biennium.

In 2006, Manifesta 6 was planned for Nicosia, Cyprus under the general Direction of Yannis Toumazis, but was cancelled due to political reasons.



1st Edition: 1996

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Symposium: The Biennale Complex