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Encounters 15
Information meeting for art teachers, 29 March 2006
Organized togehter with 72-13
72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore

This meeting was held in the new site of the TheatreWorks, which is named quite simply for its address, "72-13". The building used to be a rice warehouse.

The participant group consisted primarily of art educators who were to be persuaded to take up the theme of the Biennial in their courses and to develop special projects to give young people in Singapore access to this art event as an interesting, educational, and enjoyable experience.

Roger McDonald, co-curator of the 2006 Singapore Biennial, gave an introduction to biennials, presenting three examples from other countries: the Venice Biennial, the Yokohama Triennial, and the Echigo-Tsumari Triennial. Then he discussed the specific qualities of the Singapore Biennial and showed works by artists who will be represented at it. To those present, he particularly recommended several projects that are based on interaction with the audience and that offer good starting points for art appreciation instruction.

Then came Ho Tzu Njen, a young Singapore artist who will take part in the first Biennial. He presented some of his own art projects. His working principle is intellectual and critically reflecting, but, through the use of art as a pedagogical instrument, also offered to the art educators on hand good starting points for instruction.


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