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1st Singapore Biennale
4 September - 12 November 2006

Singapore / 2006 / Biennale Tour / Sculpture Square

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Liu Jianhua





Dream. 2005-2006
Mixed media installation

Approximately 6.000 broken ceramic pieces in the shape of items of daily usage, eg. car tires, computer keyboards, monitors, shoes, electric guitars, bulbs, kitchen utensils, toys. They form a heap in the shape of a space shuttle with a video at the front end. The piece contrasts the dreams and aspirations with the failure of human kind. Such is shown by the video recording of the Space Shuttle Challenger's accident in 1986, in which the shuttle exploded only 73 seconds after the launch and caused the death of all 7 crew members.

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* 1962 Ji'an, Jiangxi Province, China. Lives in Shanghai, China.
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Singapore / 2006 / Biennale Tour / Sculpture Square