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Singapore Biennale

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Photo tour Singapore

Photo tour Singapore


Singapore's first visual arts biennale (SB2006) is organized by the National Arts Council and National Heritage Board. It is conceived as a platform for exchange, dialogue and presentation of international art practices, with a focus on those from and of Singapore and Asia. The Biennale will encompass a conglomeration of multi-venue visual arts exhibitions, performances, symposiums, lectures and workshops programmed such that the event will be accessible to multiple levels of audience. It aims to draw interest from top local, regional and international artists, art historians, critics, and practitioners, arts and cultural organisations, museums, corporations and governments, as well as build new audiences and participation across ages and demographics.

(from a press release, published on 16 May 2005)


Organized by

National Arts Council Singapore (NAC)



in partnership with

National Heritage Board (NHB)



Low Kee Hong
General Manager, Singapore Biennale

Singapore Biennale Secretariat
The Adelphi
1 Coleman Street #05-06
Singapore 179803

Phone: (+65) 6837 9270
Fax: (+65) 6837 3654

Email: info@singaporebiennale.org

Website: www.singaporebiennale.org



2nd Singapore
Biennale, 2008

11 Sept. - 16 Nov. 2008.
Extensive photo tour.

1st Singapore
Biennale, 2006

4 Sept. - 12 Nov. 2006
Big feature: 320 photos,
25 video clips, 16 venues,
parallel program


City Tour Singapore
Photo tour including lots of information about the city