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Biennial of the End of the World 2007:
Overview of dates and facts

Updated: September 2006 (print version)


29 March - 29 April 2007
In the frame of the celebrations at the beginning of the International Polar Year 2007/2008
In fact, the Biennial has already started in September 2006 with the first Forum of discussions in Buenos Aires, which will be continued later in São Paulo and Ushuaia.

To promote the connection of the Earth's South and North Poles through art, "Pondering at the end of the world, what other world is possible" (Pensar en el fin del mundo, qué otro mundo es posible)

5 general proposals:

Communication between the South and North Poles
Metaphors of time and space

Ecological Urgencies
Present and Future of Planet Earth
End // Beginning

Learning through experience: starting again

The experience of limit
Experiences of other possible times and spaces

Site specific works
Urban and natural topologies

General direction:
Alberto Grottesi Errazu, Guillermo M. Ferreyro

Artistic direction:
Leonor Amarante (Brazil)
Co-curator: Ibis Hernández Abascal (Cuba)

Argentina and special projects, curator:
Corinne Sacca Abadi
Co-curator: Florencia Battiti

Ticio Escobar (Paraguay), Justo Pastor Mellado (Chile), Fabio Magalhaes (Brazil)

Artists from 22 countries of America and Europe

Mehrere Orte in Ushuaia und in der Umgebung:
- Manufacturing Plant CM
- The Old Prison
- Culture Center
- Footbridge
- Promenade of the Roses
- Beban House
- Bahía Encerrada
- Aeroclub
- End of the World Museum
- International Airport
- Devil's Lagoon

From September 2006 on, forums and symposia in Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Ushuaia.

Fundación Patagonia Arte y Desafío with the institutional support of the Fundação Memorial da América Latina, São Paulo, Brazil

Maria de Vedia Comunicación: maria@mariadevedia.com.ar
Bienal del Fin del Mundo, Buenos Aires office: fundacion@patagoniaarte.org.ar

Superí 1466
C1426BAH Buenos Aires
Tel: 011 - 4552-6308

San Martín 1252, Piso 3 A
V9410BFZ Ushuaia
Tierra del Fuego
Tel: 02901 - 433585 / 433654



This overview has been compiled from information that we received from the organizers. We do not assume responsibility regarding the correctness of this information. Gerhard Haupt and Pat Binder, Universes in Universe


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