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49th Venice Biennale
10 June - 4 November 2001

Venice / 2001 / Plateau / Arsenale


Ernesto Neto
From an interview with Pat Binder and Gerhard Haupt.

The title of my work »Ô Bicho!...« , means »animal/vermin« in Portuguese. But you also use this expression when you see something that impresses you, something that seems unbelievable. So I thought that both meanings somehow fit this work, which looks like a huge animal..

They are forms that I have often used, though never in such interconnections that offer other design possibilities. The work was created especially for this room in the Arsenale. The hall itself is marvelous. I'm very thankful to the curator, because when he sent me the floor-plans, I had in mind the work that is now being shown in the Brazilian pavilion. But he insisted that I realize the work with the spices, in this case curcuma, pepper and cloves. When I came here two months ago and saw the space, I could understand his wishes. Now I'm very happy with this work.

(Translated from the German version by Holly Austin)

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© Interview, translation, photos:
Gerhard Haupt & Pat Binder